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Honour Him Apparel & Co.™️ was built to make a difference (even the smallest ones) and that begins at the first stages of product development. We know that there must be action in whatever change we want to see in the world, but it is not our sole intention or goal to simply support organisations that align with our brand’s core values. Our modus operandi, if you will, is to actually be a key factor in making such changes a reality. 

Here’s how we do it:



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Our manufacturers are artisans, high-level efficient factories, and master craftspeople ready to make our carefully designed products made-to-order, just for you.


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All of our items are thoughtfully packed and shipped with environmentally efficient processes. Every item is shipped directly from their respective manufacturing locations. This helps reduce carbon emissions, lessen our footprint, and cut out the middle man in the process of getting your beloved Honour Him keepsake directly to you. 

Funding Causes & Sharing the Gospel

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Our initiatives are from the heart of the Brand and was part of the reason for its inception in the first place. During early stages of jotting ideas on paper in 2017, there were always three goals in mind: 1) honour our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; 2) help fund a cause; 3) make a global difference. At this point in the game, our sole vantage point is of the Evangelical Christian lens, in which we pay homage to Scripture, fuel designs inspired by Biblical principles, and create our products as tools and vestibules for open conversations about Who God is and what it means to live for Him.

Secondly, we created this Brand with giving in mind. In fact, when the initial brainstorm began, at the top of the list was “made to give” and we proudly continue this journey. Cheerful giving is our lifeblood (2 Corinthians 9:6-8) and we intend to keep it that way.

Lastly (for now) we want to be everywhere. That is, we want our impact to permeate every unethical supply chain, every seeking heart, and every forest and community degraded by corruption, consumerism, and ultra-capitalism. We didn’t create this brand with the hopes of helping to do good, we created it to sow the seeds of generational growth and positive outcomes so that some day these various issues may seem stranger than fiction. Not just for a better now, but ultimately for a stronger tomorrow.

Creating with YOU in Mind


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You are our top priority. Period.

We want you to know that every single item. Every. Single. One. is made with you in mind. Before a potential order is sent to our fulfillment partners, you were thought of. Before you glanced at the double H/Cross intersection™️ emblem (our official logo), you were thought of. Before we had conversations with multiple CEOs and supply chain managers over the course of 2 1/2 years, you were thought of. Yes, all of our products are made to order, but the real accolade is that our items were created for you to pass onto progeny, give as a keepsake or gift, keep as a collector’s item, or just to be a new favourite tee. Before we thought of the purpose: God’s Great Commission, the passion: our need to give, and the provision: generational impact, we thought of YOU, the people: our why


Honour Him is a wayfaring impact-driven concept—a movement...and we’re only just getting started. 

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