Brand Goals

Our goals as a brand are bent on the need to make communities and our world as a whole filled with hope of the Gospel and as Spiritually fulfilling as possible. Yes, we do sell various products, but it's the relationships that are fostered with our customers and the customers' relationships to the products themselves, that drive us to reach the greatest possible potential for the Brand.

Here are our Brand Goals, which drive us towards our objectives:

  1. Our products (titles and designs) are inspired by the Word of God
  2. The greatest objective is to share The Gospel both effectively and faithfully
  3. Our products meet high ethical standards including human rights and environmental measures
  4. We want to bring awareness to various causes that are not only directly related to the Brand (as Mission Partners), but are an integral reason and the infrastructure for the Brand's existence (see Our Process)
  5. To be as authentic as possible in sharing testimonies that inspire change, give hope, and allow joy to spread in the most unlikely, but interesting places (Read Our Manifesto)

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